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Fri, Nov 9 - Fri, Nov 9
RUN #00066
Melissa Forman - A Magical Metamorphosis And Moments Of Wonder
Melissa Forman
A Magical Metamorphosis And Moments Of Wonder
Edition Size:   45
11x22.5 Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper
This Run is Sold Out
This recent painting by Melissa was featured at Roc La Reu Gallery on their 13th Anniversary.

Melissa's figures are strangely perfect and almost frozen in their expressions and poses. They evoke a traditional sense of etiquette and grace while reaching outside of their image to provide a window into something deeper and far more human. While these mysterious, and sometimes withdrawn, figures were created from photos of friends and family of the artist, they are not meant to represent themselves; rather, they portray emotional states and aspects of the human psyche.

Melissa has carefully calculated each representation by changing colors and manipulating features to evoke a mysterious and sentimental mood. Alienated from their real world and time, these images become metaphors for emotional and psychological states. They exist as a product of her pursuit to create beauty and recognize the elegance and sincerity of genuine human emotion.

This gallery-quality print is an excellent representation of her most recent body of work. It will also be particularly fitting in an ornate frame. Browsing her website (below), you can get an idea of what her pieces look as a finished work, hanging on the wall.

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About the Artist

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Melissa has been drawing and painting commissioned portraits since she was 14. She attended the Columbus College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in 2002. She now lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work has been shown in galleries around the world, from New York City to Seattle to Los Angeles to Berlin, Germany to Bristol, England.

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