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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Dec 2 - Fri, Dec 9
RUN #133
Matt Eaton - A Fool's Ideology
Matt Eaton
A Fool's Ideology
Edition Size:   13
16x16 Mixed Media on Wood Panel
This Run is Sold Out
Just over one year ago, we dropped our first print release on 1xRUN with Matt Eaton. For his second run, Matt has created a series of 13 beautiful mixed media pieces on wood panel. Each one totally unique, hand crafted layer upon layer, using a variety of techniques and media. Each 16"x16" piece comes framed and ready to hang on your wall, right out of the box.

This piece is based on transcripts and radio transmissions received by the Judica-Cordiglia brothers in Turin Italy during the early 1960's.. In particular, Soviet space missions that were locked away, forgotten about and hidden behind the iron curtain. Many of these transmissions were of failed or problematic attempts. Voices of dying cosmonauts as they burn up during re-entry, much like Yuri Gagarin's friend and predecessor, Vladimir Komarov. One story was especially intriguing to me, not for the details, but for the lack of details. Just a fading heart beat and slowing breath wrapped in a crackling 60's radio wave. This, combined with the fact that the signal had no relative speed, meaning that it was moving directly away from earth is fascinating to me. The loneliness and crushing despair of being the first unintentional human ambassador to deep space. Amazing. Perfectly preserved in the icy darkness. No one will ever know the true fate of this person, or the real facts of the matter, or if it's even true, but the idea alone was enough for me to draw inspiration from. So, Salute, Spasibo, Kampai, Fisehatak, L'Chaim!, Prost , Cheers or whatever you say...a small token of appreciation for all the explorers and adventurers throughout our short history, who's names will never be known, and those who's names we should remember more often.

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About the Artist

Location: Detroit, MI

Having spent his formative years moving to and from cities like Los Angeles, London, New York and Detroit, Matt Eaton became compelled to investigate his surroundings. While trying to find some familiarity and comfort in these new places, he became fascinated with local signage, lettering and advertising. This quickly lead to a deep admiration for graffiti and the layers of old ads plastered on walls of buildings and subway tunnels. The decay of once new and seemingly important information and how quickly it is forgotten and plastered over have become a major theme in his work. This imagery became a traveling companion of sorts, never having to be left behind and waiting to be enjoyed in every new place he found himself with bright friendly colors and interesting new themes.

The process of mixing these mental images with memories of sayings and quotations that he associates with certain areas and people allows him to use his training in calligraphy and graphic design to produce personal snapshots of his life experience. Having long ago stepped away from the active world of graffiti, Matt still uses techniques and materials native to graffiti culture, as well as painting on wood which allows him to explore more realistic and natural textures and layers while being able to control surface quality.

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