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Wed, Nov 7 - Wed, Nov 14
RUN #00353a
Chor Boogie - A Flock of Boogie
Chor Boogie
A Flock of Boogie

Location: San Francisco, California

16 x 20 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper

This Limited Edition RUN begin Nov. 7th at 12pm and will end promptly on Nov. 14th at 3pm. There will be 30 hand-embellished prints available with 10 going on sale at 12pm on Nov. 7th and the remaining 20 being given away at random to buyers of the timed edition.

"This was a piece of a 30 foot mural that I did for The LA Art Show back in 2010. It was me, Shark Toof, Meer1 and Shepard Fairey doing some pieces at the Ritz Carlton here in Los Angeles. Shepard Fairey had brought some pieces that he sold right off the wall and me, and Meer1 and Shark Toof had painted the place up. I painted a few panels in some 9 million dollar penthouse, where we were told the pieces were going to stay there until they were sold. So months go by, months go by and then we find out that our artwork had been "missing." They claim they threw it away, we think that somebody took it and nobody is just going to cough it back up. For this print here I've added a few extra Boogie Birds in here, but this was one of the pieces that was at that show. " - Chor Boogie

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Chor Boogie and 1xRUN.

Chor Boogie
A Flock Of Boogie - Hand-Embellished Prints