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Mon, Sep 17 - Mon, Sep 24
RUN #00325
Kareem Rizk - 62 Grand Prix
Kareem Rizk
62 Grand Prix

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

12 x 12 Inches Collage & Acrylic on Birch Panels

"This series of multiples has been created exclusively for 1xRUN. They're the first pieces I've produced on birch, previously I've used pine for my panels. But I find that birch is a much nicer wood for making panels. It's much smoother and has a much more dense grain allowing for a much more professional finish when made by hand. xpanels are handmade by me. All the main images and numbers were hand-cut and pasted down onto the wood panel with acid-free PVA glue. However, the samples of typography in the circles were first adhered to the surface with gel medium." - Kareem Rizk

Read on below to see each Original Hand-Painted Mixed Media Piece from Kareem Rizk Below...
Kareem Rizk
62 Grand Prix - 20
Kareem Rizk
62 Grand Prix - 10
Kareem Rizk
62 Grand Prix - 50