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What is 1xRUN?

1xRUN is the premier online destination for exclusive one of a kind artwork in any and all forms. Working with leading and emerging artists from around the world, 1xRUN is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe. Here at 1xRUN, our artists are a special breed and so are our customers. We strive to offer a one of a kind product that suits both and is unlike anything else in the marketplace.

1xRUN was founded by the team at Inner State Gallery ( formally 323East) in Detroit's Historic Eastern Market. Over the past 6 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of amazing artists, both locally and internationally, and we’re constantly adding new artists.

Formed out of years and years of developing trusted relationships with our favorite artists, gallerists and curators, our team is a rotating band of artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, photographers and designers. We do this because we love it. We get up every day and love coming to work, because we work on what we love. We’re here to tell you that mail-order is still fun.

Packaging + Shipping

We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible while maintaining the integrity of the high quality artwork we ship. The attention to detail and care for the work shows in every order that we ship. We hate damaged tubes. We hate long shipping dates, and we do our best to alleviate them at all costs.

We are not business as usual. Every single piece is signed with our artists hand, carefully numbered, and the same goes for our certificates of authenticity. This process is as important to us as every other aspect of 1xRUN. This is what nearly guarantees you are going to possess a work of original art that has value far beyond what you paid for it. If it takes an extra week or two, depending on production and scheduling with some very busy people to get that personal touch done correctly, we think it’s worth it.


While it’s certainly not the norm and normally we get product shipped very quickly, from time to time, we get emails from our customers who are a little concerned about the time it takes from when the print is purchased to when it shows up at their door. Our shipping times can be a little longer than some online shoppers are accustomed to, but this is a result of the care and effort we put into making and authenticating the edition with the artist, while also ensuring that you are getting a high-quality piece of art that will almost certainly appreciate in value the minute the run is over. Some other print sites skip these steps to increase their bottom line, and get the work out the door quickly. We believe that good things come to those who wait and many of our projects involve international shipping and customs and this takes time. We continually strive to improve and evolve this part of our business, while maintaining our model of printing only what is sold.

Customer Service

We work with artists directly on their initial concepts and format and have strong loyalty to them--some projects take several months to develop. We push our artists and we expect them to push us to go further as well. Part of this process is listening to feedback from our customers, helping them when they don’t feel satisfied. Here at 1xRUN, we’re proud to work with every artist we bring into our family, so with every collector, we hope to build a similar relationship of accountability and trust.

We appreciate a great customer experience and work hard to provide the same level of service we would expect when buying a unique work of art. Your questions are answered quickly and accurately, our door is always open, and you can shoot us a call, hit us with an email, chat us on Skype, or use the live chat that is always available on every single page of the site.

Customer Service (Continued)

We’ve talked to many of you and have determined that the collectors who buy art form 1xRUN are just like us--passionate and borderline obsessive about collecting the most in demand emerging art. With that in mind, we want everyone who visits the site to purchase of a special unique work of art and to have the same level of white glove treatment. We stay up late, we’re talking crazy hours, to make sure each and every interaction with a collector is beyond the call of duty.

Our main goal here at 1xRUN is to help artists who want to work hard and create something unique to get their projects out into the world into the hands of their supporters. That’s you. If we can do better, drop us a line.

About the Artists

When we started 1xRUN, we had one goal in mind: Work with the artists we love and admire by creating a format that was not status quo. Right out of the gate, we created a pretty big splash, featuring artists like Glenn Barr, Camilo Pardo, Bask and David Chung. As we began to grow, we worked with internationally recognized artists like Tara McPherson, Ron English, Brett Amory, Peeta, Askew, Aaron Nagel, Dave Kinsey, Stinkfish, Joshua Petker, Luke Chueh, and Craww, to name a few.

We continue to work with leading artists who maintain unparalleled passion for the work that they do. They are the taste-makers, movers and shakers that reflect the zeitgeist of the world we live in. Our artists don’t buck trends; they create them. We are constantly working with the most sought-after artists throughout the world, while also working tirelessly to uncover and develop emerging artists.

What we’re selling

We sell art in a myriad of different formats. We started out by offering one giclee print per week and we quickly expanded the types of art offered to screen prints, unique multiples, original art, works on paper and found objects. We found that if we can work closely with artists curating unique experiences much like in a traditional gallery, the collector of that object feels that energy and responds with unparalleled demand.


Where Are You Guys?

The simple answer is we’re usually working from our offices at 1410 Gratiot Ave. in Detroit, MI.

World Headquarters

1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan, 48207

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